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Post Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:46 pm 
The gun: Colt LW Cdr .45acp. Prolly 2000+ rinds through with never a hiccup. Really a sweet shooter - one of my favorites. Standard bushing, full length guide rod. I shoot only quality, factory, standard pressure 230 gr ball and HP. Like all my firearms, I keep it scrupulously clean, use quality but mild solvents (Hoppes or Ballistol, usually) for cleaning, and use Mil-comm exclusively for lube.

Couple days ago, removed the clean gun from its case, shot 4 or 5 mags; casual steel plinking - nothing crazy, not even "rapid fire". Set the gun aside for an hour or so, to shoot other guns.

Returned to this LW Commander, inserted a loaded mag. Tried to pull the slide back to strip the top round off the top of the mag to chamber it, and the SLIDE WOULD NOT PULL BACK FAR ENOUGH TO STRIP A ROUND.

Dropped the mag, still could not pull the slide all the way back, nor even far enough to remove the slide stop. Wiped her down and put her away.

Haven't done anything else, pending advice from more knowledgeable folks such as y'all.

What next, y'all?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.



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Post Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:23 am 
First take it down and remove the recoil buffer. The easiest thing when one starts that game a recoil buffer is coming apart and blocking things up. While you have it field stripped look for a primer or piece of one that might be binding things up. The ugliest option is that you had a squib and fired a second round and bulged the barrel and the bushing will not pass over the bulge. Again field strip, if you can, and use the bushing for a go/no go gage.

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Post Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 4:22 am 
Thanks for taking the time to think about it and respond.

When I wrote about the problem, I could not pull the slide back far enough to disengage the slide stop. It just wouldn't go that last 1/8 inch! But my local smith was able to force it that last little bit in order to remove the slide stop and field strip.

Turns out the double spring recoil reducer had failed. The exact nature of the failure was not immediately obvious. For some reason, it simply will not readily compress that last 1/8 inch without undue force.

I ordered a conventional recoil spring and plug. And tho I've never been a big fan of recoil buffers (It's hard to predict when they will fail, but fail they will!) I will use one in this Light Weight Commander.

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