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So, how much clearance (if any) should one hold between the breech face and the locking lugs on the slide and barrel fit?

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Bob Marvel taught me < .0025" from breach. Also, make sure the hood sides do NOT touch the slide!



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I like to fit the end to be in contact, (slip fit), and if the sides can be done accurately, as close as possible. By carefully centering the barrel in the slide before cutting the sides and after cleaning up the slide hood cut, you can lay the slide on its side and take dimensions with a height gauge of the left side of the slide cut to the right side of the barrel hood side. This with a little math will give you exactly how much each side of the hood should be cut. If the barrel rises up witout being bumped by the hood fit to slide, how can less not be better?




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I was taught that it should just barely want to drop away, but if you insert a .001” feeler between hood and breechface it will not. Sides should not contact, but should be pretty close. Use plenty of blue marker to track your progess.

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