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Top is the 1911 I carried over a number of years, modifying it as I went, to figure out what exactly I wanted in a carry pistol:



The Rock Island really provided everything I wanted for a base gun. The barrel stands on the lug, and the cuts are Novak if the information I read was correct.

I probably should have gone with a standard frame only because I found the cuts to be a bit dirty, badly milled. I cleaned 'em up but there's going to be a small gap at the top unless I go with a S&A 0.220 and re-cut it for that radius. I really like the Brown beavertail (tried many brands on the old pistol) and Brown is the best for me. I do have a Wilson jig I thought I'd be using for a Wilson beavertail, but in the end went with what I knew I wanted.

I have a couple regrets here: First, I really should have used a forged frame, but the Armscor cast has treated me well and has soaked up many thousands of rounds without complaint. STI used it for their Spartan. For a carry pistol that will likely see hard use, I didn't want to spend the money on a forged frame.

Secondly, I tried a Fusion magwell because it was a good price. I shouldn't have. It wasn't square (I found out later!) and wouldn't blend, so there's an ever-so-slight gap between the S&A magwell and the grip. Not really noticeable, but it's there. I may get it welded up and fit it better, or elongate the hole in the MSH a bit so that it moves upward, or something similar. Not sure yet.

I do also need to do a bit more blending work inside the magwell. It's good but not perfect. That's a lot of file work.

I'm playing with finishing ideas. Part of me wants traditional bluing so that it looks pretty, but the practical side of me says that I need a finish in a can for carry. I don't know and I'll eventually decide -- probably toward the practical-not-pretty side.

I may replace the barrel, too, but ugly as they are, the Rock Island barrels shoot well and straight. That top pistol does about an inch at 15 yards just with a fitted barrel bushing and peened rails. I don't know if I'll even do that to the new one. It fits pretty tightly. I'll shoot it for groups and see.



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Post Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 2:32 am 
I guess I don't understand why one would not want a forged frame for a severe-duty gun.

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