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To all members: Since some of our politicians have indicated that they intend to push gun control and/or assault rifle legislation, I'm urging all of you to contact your Senators and Congressional Representatives and urge them vote no against any legislation that restricts gun or magazine ownership for law abiding citizens. In fact, I would suggest that you contact them weekly until this issue comes up for a vote.

In your phone calls, letters and emails, be brief and polite. Urge them to vote against any bill that would restrict one's right to buy or possess any firearm or magazine that they are currently legally able to own. Don't threaten them but remind them that you always vote and that you will not vote for them if they do not oppose this legislation.

We also need to teach our friends and family the truth about violent crime and firearms. Most people learn about this from the mainstream media, which is to say that they do not know what the real facts are.

Here is an article that does a good job of explaining our position on gun control. It provides some common sense answers to shrill, hysterical arguments of "we need to ban (fill in your favorite firearm or magazine) to save our children" and other such nonsense.

Also, join the NRA. If you are already a member, upgrade to a Life or Endowment member or send them a donation. You may not agree 100% with them but they are a huge organization that speaks for millions of us. Despite what some liberal politicians would lead you to believe, the NRA is not the voice of the firearms industry. They are the voice of firearms owners and the millions of us that they represent carries a lot of political weight.

I don't want to start a political debate about this. If you are a member here you obviously enjoy the benefits of firearms ownership.

If you have a link to an article that provides some good counter-arguments or some statistics that are pro-gun, send them to me in a PM and I'll consider adding them to this post.

FBI statistics show that more people are killed each year with hammers and clubs than with rifles
http://nation.foxnews.com/gun-rights/20 ... ear-rifles

A good article on the Wilson Combat blog:
http://blog.wilsoncombat.com/paul-howe/ ... paul-howe/

Dave Berryhill
Berryhill Custom Guns, LLC

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