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Post Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:41 am 
I just got home from a 2 day, 500rd. 'Deadly Accuracy' handgun course.


Here are my thoughts:

Finished up the course today.
All in all, very rewarding.

Very heavy emphasis on accuracy. No emphasis on speed.
But this was not really a 'gunfighting' course. And I agree with them that speed
comes with practice.

The Seibert dogma is for well placed shots to the spinal column and/or the ocular/nasal zone.
They do not teach 'center of mass' and cite well documented failures to stop with wounds to
the chest, neck and even the heart.
We have all heard accounts of massive heart damage not preventing an assailant from continuing
to fight for several minutes. And of glancing head shots resulting in little more than a scalp wound.
They are believers in using ball ammo to insure deep penetration to increase the chances of turning
off the CNS.

I have some reservations about their core technique of extreme accuracy via emotional detachment.
It is my belief that many gunfights are preceeded by a sequence of events that would cause the defender to
be in an adrenaline charged state of high anxiety. Without extensive practice and extreme discipline, the
concept of 100% focus on the front sight via the said 'emotional detachment' would fail.
Having said that, most of us realize that accuracy absolutely goes to hell in a gunfight.
The more accurately we can shoot while relaxed, improves our ability for effective accuracy while under
extreme stess.

The class was small, 6 total. 3 females, 3 males.
Several of the attendees had extremely limited handgun experience.
But all were shooting VERY well at the end of the course. Quite surprisingly well,

I feel the Seiberts offer very good training. But it is not 'perfect', nothing is.
The more 'tools' we have in our box allows us more choices, and the ability to judge our other tools
for effectiveness and practicality.



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Post Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:40 am 
Shot placement talk and teaching is all well and good, but it appears the view may be good from the cheap seats...ala controlled environment on the range.

There's no doubt that a shot in the snot locker will end the incident sooner than later...as has been said, the sooner the fight is over, the less shot I'm apt to get. But, having those precision shots in a face to face unexpected confrontation, is a bit unrealistic. But if their training can get a shooter to be able to that anytime, anywhere, under any condition on demand, then they should have the market cornered.

I will always disagree about using ball ammo, and there will always be the never ending discussion of ball vs HP. But with what I've seen in actual shootings & autopsies, a good quality HP is hard to beat.

As for the adrenaline thing, it would depend on if its a sudden unexpected incident, or you're hunting someone down in your own castle. Having been in a few scrapes myself, as well as attending many debriefings, everyone goes thru it differently, with most stating they really didn't feel anything until all was over. I tell everyone, don't underestimate yourself in such an incident...you don't know how you'll react until you're there. There's really nothing that can replicate it in the training world, all we can do is our best at getting the

Don't mean to sound condescending toward them, but their expectations are a little suspect. Makes one wonder if any of their instructors have ever heard a shot from anything other than a range or on the tube.

If it isn't durable, it isn't reliable.

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