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Local Action Pistol shooting has been off for a few months, about as long as I've had my 1911, my first semi-auto, I've been shooting about a year or so starting with a Single Six. I was very excited when the local Action pistol started up again, I did a cowboy action shoot once, and it was a lot of fun, but I figure AP has more benefit, practice for "real life" just in case, besides being fun.

Well, Weds was the first comp, indoors. I've only shot indoors a couple times, don't care for it much. I prefer to be off by myself in the country. I like to shoot for accuracy,(then work on speed) and seeing in indoor light is harder....and as I discovered, very hard when the target is a black silhouette LE target, and you have a blue series 70 with original sights, no white dots. I guess it ended up being practice for point shooting, ha ha! I shoot OK, slower than the other guys, but pretty accurately and got 3rd out of 4. They're all more experienced, by years, but were rusty I'm sure.

Saturday was the next shoot, outdoors. 4 or 5 scenarios, Texas Star mixed in, etc., etc. I got 2nd out of 7. Pretty darn happy with that. We were scoring on major/minor calibers, and I shot slower but accurately, and so my .45 hits brought my score up. The winner shot a 9mm and shot quickly but less accurately. The guy who lays out the scenarios is pretty creative and leaves the door open for thinking ahead and making "tactical" decisions with the freedom given. IE, shoot this LE target on the move while walking towards it, then in any order, shoot these pepper poppers, and the Texas Star. Well my buddy Rick went last and he's pretty smart, creative and had the advantage of having time to watch everyone else and strategize. It was a laugh, he took off the line in a hurry, runs up t the LE target while I'm thinking,"Dang, is he gonna shoot it or not?", he gets point blank on his way by to the poppers and blows the target's "head" off with his .45 Para. Center punched it for 10 points, cut it in half, powder burns 'n all, everyone cracked up...then he goes and shoots the popper that was tied to the texas star to start it moving...and shoots the other poppers to give the star time to slow down! Tricky sucker, haha.

*disclaimer - not a Pro

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