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Post Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 9:45 am 
An old worked over Delta Elite will be my next gun purchase, just waiting for the licence to show up (Norway).

Does anyone here have experience with reduced loads in the 10mm? Theres not much info on that out there, both in the manuals I have or on the net.

Any starting hints will be welcome!



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Post Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:58 pm 
Loads for Bullseye target pistol in .45 are reduced 10-20% from most loading manual recommendations. You can step down a little more for lead than jacketed bullets.

It might help to know your powder and bullet choices and intentions. I have loaded light rounds for several reasons, 20% light for plinking, 15% reduced for target loads that still have good accuracy, and 25-30% reduction for super light loads for my wife to shoot. This is for lead SWC and are just general ideas of what I used vs. the manufacturer recommendations.

On the other hand, I have loaded Nosler JHP bullets and they provide several load recommendations, since they understand target shooting needs. So, I have only reduced the load 10% at most and would not attempt some of the extreme reductions I have tried with lead bullets.

The more you drop the load, the more tweaking the gun will need to keep functioning. Don't just cut the load 30% and go shooting. I worked my way down about .2gn at a time, just out of curiosity to see how far I could go over a period of a month or so.

So for a 5.0gn MAX recommended load of Bullseye powder and 185gn lead SWC, I started at 4.0gn of powder. I worked down to 3.6gn for load I could shoot all day long. I worked down to 3.0gn and that was on the edge of as light as spring tweaking could let the gun function and so I settled for 3.2gn for my wife to shoot. I then started stepping back up for accuracy and settled on 3.8gn for 25-yard League shooting, as my scores were the best.

No bench rest shooting for groups or chronographs were used to figure any of that out, but now that I have this 3.8gn target load I like to shoot, I would like to do some better testing to see if small powder changes or reloading tweaks will help my groups.

I don't know if that is too much info about testing or not enough about 10mm loads specifically, but it was how I found a happy place with only a general idea of where to start.



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Post Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 10:28 pm 
Thanks for your reply! Your thinking seems logical, use a powder thats relatively fast for the cartridge, and download it a bit.

The powders I have on hand are Hodgdon Clays and Titegroup, Vithavuori N-330 and N-340.

I'm afraid that Clays might be a tad too aggressive, Hodgdon does not lits any lads with it. They list Titegroup, and I have a can, but I dont like the way it meters in the LEE measures, the extremely small granules seem to lodge between everything.

Hodgdons starting load with Titegroup is claimed to give a 155grs XTP over 1200fps, and the max load over 1300fps. This is from a 5" barrel. I'm thinking to load to much lower velocity than this, in the 900-950fps range.

As for now, the plan is to get some 155grs cast bullets from a local commercial caster, and try reduced loads with Titegroup. If they can safely load 155grs jacketed bullets to 1300fps with the same powder, I should be safe trying for 950fps with a lead bullet!



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Post Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:17 pm 
Tested in a 5" delta elite:
Bullet: 180grs Frontier Plated RNFP
Powder: 5,1grs of Vihtavuori N-330
Case: FC (federal)
Primer: Magtech Large Pistol
OAL: 32mm

Chronographed at 855fps average, with a 40fps extreme spread. Burns ok, cases seem to seal the chamber as well.
N-330 loads in this range are listed several places for the 40S&W, so this should be a safe load in the 10mm with its larger capacity.
It might be possible to find powders that give less extreme spread, but I'm happy for now.

The gun needs a tighter bushing, a cleanup of the crown, and some attention to rear lockup before I conclude how accurate the load is in the gun.

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