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Im not sure this is the right place for this question. If not please move it.
I have a Commander sized 1911 in 40 s&w. I bought and fitted with no issues a 10mm barrel.
I know you can fire 40s&w out of a Glock 20 all day long forever with no issues.

My question here is can one fire 40S&W out of a 10mm barrel in a 1911 without any real problems??
I know that the case isnt being headspaced. Its held n place by the extractor. But the real gap is so insignificant and all revolvers jump gaps.
Is this also true with a 10mm barrel and 40S&W in a 1911?? Or am I looking for a realistic problem here??
Im asking here is how safe or unsafe is this??
I know the gun is strong enough. Ive havent been able to find much on this subject and 1911s.



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Post Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:37 pm 
The firing pin can push the case far enough forward against the extractor claw that the now unsupported primers will back out upon firing. You'll see pierced primers, severely flattened primers, and occasionally, the primer will completely blow out of the case. Things can get uglier if the cartridge actually gets in front of the extractor. A typical 1911 firing pin can reach out rather far past the breechface.

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