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Post Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:34 am 
Bought 2 STI frames a while back and finished one as a government 9mm for the wife and have decided to do mine in a duo-tone commander 9mm for me. The grip finger radius is flat and I guess that is what lends to more of the flat side on the frame showing through between the panles and the front of the grip. My question, is there a brand of panel that meets up closer to the front grip radius to close the gap or would that need to be something custom done? I like the look of the panels meeting up front and back to the radie as they look more fitted and less undersized to the grip frame.



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I have a STI that has a pretty squared-off front strap as well... Does not look good using typical grip panels. I thought maybe VZ grips could "eat" up the gap more but no luck there either. A while back there was a custom grip maker who made grips for Les Baer frames (also pretty squared) for just this purpose, but can't remember the name. However, check out some grips in this thread: https://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=264029, and contact the maker you like, perhaps they'll be able to make you a pair with wider panels. My solution was to learn how to make the grips myself and since I had a Les Baer, I used the factory grips as a template and made myself a pair. If you have a band or scroll saw, a belt sander and drill bits, it is a fun hobby to try... :)

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