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Our shop just acquired a Colt 38 Super MKIV Series 80 SS with some features that I think are aftermarket. I would like to know, and to know who made them if possible.

1. The recoil spring guide rod is different than any I've seen. It is blasted stainless with exception of the front screw. But it is also a recoil buffer assembly. A blued hex screw protrudes out the front with screw head extending past the face of the bushing. Next is a solid rod going a little over half the assembly's length. The rod steps down at this point to about an 1/8th inch. This threads into the final piece of the back which is similar to the short standard guide. The longer front presses against a spring in the rear part. Then a conventional recoil spring is over the whole affair. Does anyone know what the original assembly should have been? All parts lists I've found only show a generic list of 1911 parts.
2. The grip safety is a common beavertail drop in. The frame is cut for a fitted type safety.
3. The hammer does not exactly match either the brushed sides of the gun or the abrasive blasted slide top and other areas. It is a non-commander type spur hammer with a short spur. There is a relatively small, sharp pad on top with only cross cuts. It appears to be after market factory made, due to the accuracy of bevels and such. It is a nice looking and feeling hammer. I've not seen one quite like it.
4. The slide stop almost needs a photo to explain. No serrations or checkering. The top is contoured with a concave thumb piece, the center is lower than the ends. The bottom of it is contoured in the opposite direction. It is unique also.
5. The mainspring housing is the only blued part other than sights and the recoil spring guide rod screw. It is nicely checkered with a fairly fine cut, has an external lanyard loop, and fits the frame like it was fitted. The lower end shows no differece in finish than the rest of it. If it was fitted, it was done by a pro. I'm not as concerned about it, as I'm sure it is a replacement since it is blue.

The trigger appears to be a plastic Colt. Books I've got call for an aluminum trigger on these. The grips and screws are late aftermarket, but that is of no consequence here.

I've not got the gun in the house, or I would take some pics. If you know anything about any of these parts, from my sketchy description, I would really appreciate knowing. None of my books are detailed enough about this model to tell much. Blue Book does not show a brushed stainless version of the O2070E, unless I missed it.



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