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Post Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:02 pm 
I have put tens of thousands of rounds through McCormick 8 round magazines over the years with no issues. But they would contact the ejector on a couple of pistols and although I have relieved many ejectors to avoid contact with magazine bodies these two pistols had too much ejector contact for me to be comfortable removing metal from them. So, i began to look at other magazines in a quest to find one that would solve this particular problem with these two pistols.

I tried the Tripp 8 rounders and the Check-Mate extended tube 8 rounders. Eureka! I love the Tripps. I love the Check-Mates. The Check-Mates are different in that they use hybrid feed lips which allow for very smooth feeding and they have the little "pimple" on top of the follower to help prevent inertia feeds plus they're less expensive than the Tripps.

I bought a batch of Check-Mates a year ago and began using them as I was completing work on a Springfield 5" this past summer. During a range session I was experiencing multiple inertia feeds which had me completely flumoxed. I could not for the life of me figure out what was causing these malfunctions until i disassembled the magazines and found that the followers were sticking within the tubes.

Normally, the follower should move freely up and down the length of the tube due to its own weight and gravity (obviously the spring has to be removed).

I called Check-Mate and was asked to return the magazines to them. Check-Mate is not a tiny company, 1911 magazines are not their only product, and I'm just a single consumer. Nevertheless, the president of the company got personally involved and within days I had brand new, fully functional replacements in hand.

The president and I swapped several e-mails in which he explained that the problem was due to an error in the heat treatment of the tubes during the manufacturing process.

Bottom line: major kudos to Check-Mate and their commitment to customer service.



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That's great.... I like hearing stores about good customer service

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Kudos to you too. Most people wouldn't bother to show their gratitude and share their experience.

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